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  • 王达 (Wang Da)

  • Ph.D.

  • Associate Professor

  • Master Adviser

      • Godson-T: An Efficient Many-core Processor Exploring Thread-level Parallelism

      • by Dongrui Fan,Hao Zhang,Da Wang,Xiaochun Ye,Fenglong Song,Guojie Li,Ninghui Sun
      • IEEE Computer Society,   2012,   Micro 
      • High-Efficient Architecture of Godson-T Many-Core Processor

      • by Dongrui Fan, Hao Zhang, Da Wang, Xiaochun Ye, Fenglong Song, Junchao Zhang, and Lingjun Fan
      • the 23rd HotChips Conference,   2011-08,   Stanford Uniersity, CA, Session 1.3 
      • A Case Study: Low Power Design-for-Testability Features of a Multi-core Processor Godson-T

      • by Da Wang, Dongrui Fan, Yu Hu
      • In Proc. of International Conference of Advanced Measurement and Test,   2011,   vol.302, pp.1237-1242.