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  • 范灵俊 (Fan Lingjun)

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      • High-Efficient Architecture of Godson-T Many-Core Processor

      • by Dongrui Fan, Hao Zhang, Da Wang, Xiaochun Ye, Fenglong Song, Junchao Zhang, and Lingjun Fan
      • the 23rd HotChips Conference,   2011-08,   Stanford Uniersity, CA, Session 1.3 
      • Optimizing Web Browser on Many-Core Architectures

      • by Lingjun Fan, Weisong Shi, Shibin Tang,Chenggang Yan, Dongrui Fan
      • The 12th International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing,   2011,   Applications and Technologies, Soul Korea, pp. 173-178 
      • 发明专利:一种众核结构下片上存储的多模式配置方法及装置

      • 专利受理号:201010256400